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About Us

At Skyward Techno, we develop highly advanced business software solutions. We ensure that your business runs smoothly and grows exponentially. Our products which include CRM, ERP, HRMiS, Project management system, Business Intelligence software among others – range across various administrative and managerial functions. At Skyward Techno we aim to bring your enterprise a high level of efficiency and accuracy.

Our team of software professionals has hands-on experience and is enthused about developing customised and innovative solutions to cater your business need.




Our products spell productivity

Our Products

At Skyward Techno, we focus on your requirements while designing our business software solutions. The result is a range of products that are tailor-made to suit your needs, guaranteed to enhance your business at every level. Monitor, analyse and amplify the growth of your business with these product solutions.







Project Management System


Why Skyward Techno?

Our core philosophy is based on delivering products that exceed customer expectations. Our key goal is to create what's best for your business.

  1. We work with the latest technology.
  2. Our team is both talented and experienced.
  3. Our products are well-researched and constantly updated.
  4. We offer customized solutions to fit the client's requirement.
  5. We never compromise on quality.
  6. We have gained the trust of many reputed brands through our work.
  7. We deliver solutions that have long-term and far-reaching benefits.


Expand your business as they did

  • Our Customer Care and Technical Support teams have all praise for you and your team. Users here are satisfied with your team’s customer orientation and implementation-execution speed. With such customer-centric mindset, I am sure you will win many customers. We will be happy to recommend Skyward to other customers.

    By Matrix Comsec , MANAGING DIRECTOR
    For Telecom Company

  • After Implementing Skyward Techno CRM, we have seen an outstanding result. They have improved sales process and pipeline management leads to 23% increase in conversion rates.

    By A innovative , IT-Head

  • I was looking for CRM solutions that can perfectly work and customise with my ongoing demand. I have researched many, many CRMs for a combination of powerful features and reasonable cost. Skyward CRM is the best I have seen so far. They have customised everything as per our demand and also integrated with existing system.

    By Neoplast Engineering , Director-Sales & Marketing

  • Thank you for bringing an awesome and powerful customer management tool of Skyward Technoto "Apex International Marketing". We have improved sales 17% since implementing Skyward Techno CRM.

    By Apex International Marketing , President

Happy Customers

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