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  • User Management
  • Access management
  • Project Access Management
  • Lead Management
  • Arrival Manifest
  • Tour Completion
  • Gift Distribution
  • Welcome Email to Tour
  • Status Tracking
  • Source Reports
  • Tour Statistics
  • Gift Details
  • Print Gift Certificate
  • Daily Manifest
  • Lead Details
  • Marketing Agency Report
  • Shiftwise Production OPC Statistics
  • Tour Log
  • Mobile App: Android & IOS
  • Sales Contract
  • Loan Notes
  • Payment & History
  • Chargebacks
  • Commission Splits
  • Reserves
  • Cancellation of contract
  • Sales Rep Effectiveness
  • OPC Statistics
  • Sales Rep Statistics
  • Sales Manager Statistics
  • Sales Log
  • Pender to Good Report
  • Cancelled Contracts
  • Mobile App: Android & IOS
  • Payroll for Coomission Agents
  • Payroll for Admin
  • Helpdesk for employees
  • Clock in / clock out
  • Payslip over email
  • Payslip on Mobile App
  • Mobile App: Android & IOS

Why Opt Skyward Techno

We pride ourselves for being the providers of best in class services and seamless application maintenance.

  • Our services align with the industry trends
  • Experts with core knowledge of tools
  • Regular monitoring
  • Remote assistance
  • Increased quality and predictability of app
  • Devised customized solutions to meet the client’s needs
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Greater ROI


Expand your business as they did

  • Our Customer Care and Technical Support teams are all praise for you and your team. Users here are satisfied with your team’s customer orientation and implementation-execution speed. With such customer-centric mindset, I am sure you will win many customers. We will be happy to recommend Skyward Techno to other customers.

    By Matrix Comsec , MANAGING DIRECTOR
    For Telecom Company

  • After Implementing Skyward Techno CRM, we have seen an outstanding result. They have improved sales process and pipeline management leads to 23% increase in conversion rates.

    By A innovative , IT-Head

  • I was looking for CRM solutions that can perfectly work and customise with my ongoing demand. I have researched many, many CRMs for a combination of powerful features and reasonable cost. Skyward Techno CRM is the best I have seen so far. They have customised everything as per our demand and also integrated with existing system.

    By Neoplast Engineering , Director-Sales & Marketing

  • Thank you for bringing an awesome and powerful customer management tool of Skyward Techno to "Apex International Marketing". We have improved sales 17% since implementing Skyward Techno CRM.

    By Apex International Marketing , President

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