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Skyward Project Management Software

Leveraging technology is becoming Hobson’s choice of late. The complexities of modern projects provide new obstacles like demanding customers, costly sourcing, unjustified deadlines and other, similar issues. For organizations facing challenges like project planning, maintaining operational costs, managing budgets, optimally allocating resources or juggling multiple projects, an ideal investment would be smart project management software that addresses the above issues and delivers even more.

We at Skyward Techno have carried out extensive research on the critical aspects of project management and presented it to our clients as a customized project management software solution. Our software includes standard features that cater to a variety of different industries and diverse projects. Additionally, the software can be customized to specific requirements and inputs from our clients. Our software helps organizations create effective teams and an affirmative sense of collaboration among team members, all the while assisting with completing projects on time.

Key Features of the Skyward Project Management System

The software provides key project details at the click of the mouse and allows discussions, all enhancing the ability of team members to make quickly and sound decisions as they relate to project completion.

  • Project Creation

    The Project Creation feature allows users to meticulously plan the scope of the project as well as to create an unlimited number of projects and tasks that include a requisite number of sub-tasks, levels and hierarchies. Specific project tasks or sub-tasks can be confined and secured by allowing access to individual project members or entire project teams based on need.

  • Resource Allocation

    For each project sub-task, the Skyward Project Management System allows the organization to determine what is required for resources and to allot them as needed per the different stages or phases of the project. For example, project facilities, machinery, raw materials, logistics and whatever else the project requires can be disbursed as needed and their usage monitored.

  • Task Allocation

    The software allows users to efficiently and effectively assign individual project members or entire project teams to each of the tasks and sub-tasks created for the project based on their knowledge, experience and skillset. The system also includes a scope to include external agencies, outside contractors or freelancers while still providing the ability to restrict access to the software.

  • Time Sheet Management

    Timesheet entry is mapped at scheduled points and can be timely reported to key task managers (task and sub-task) and authorities at any point during the project. It provides a view into which individual project member or project team is working on a particular task or sub-task, thus allowing for more accountability and enhanced resource allocation.

  • Project Execution

    The most critical component of a project is its execution. Our system allows the organization to monitor and control the execution of the project using processes that address procurements, monitor task execution, maintain schedules, track and reduce costs, set quality parameters, manage risk, adapt to changes in norms and requirements, handle legal and compliance issues and increase sales, thereby flawlessly closing more projects.

  • Other value additions

    Skyward Techno has also added an abundance of additional, value-enhancing features like easy task delegation, calendar and contacts sharing, personalized dashboards, project templates, customizable reports, workflows, milestone tracking, project risk management, change and incident management, invoicing, billing, quality control management, procurement management, materials management, project sales, closure-related approvals, documentation features and cross-project comparison scenarios, just to name a few.

Why Should You Opt for Skyward Project Management System

We at Skyward Techno have researched and reviewed numerous cases and projects in order to understand the subtle nuances of managing and executing projects so as to provide you with the most up-to-date feature enhancements to our software. Our robust feature allows you to easily overcome both the expected and the unexpected obstacles involved with managing a project.

  • Customization

    1. 1. It is flexible so as to handle multiple projects across industries
    2. 2. It can be customised as per fields, lists, and report generation
    3. 3. It is compatible with a variety of portable devices
  • Cost-Efficient

    1. 1. Designed as a web-based program.
    2. 2. It assists with the adherence to budgets and saves on resource utilization.
    3. 3. It provides for reduced installation costs, is adaptable to any variety of projects.
  • User Friendly

    1. 1. It includes learning made easy with the use of instructions, comments, self-help learning modules and video tutorials
    2. 2. It has the ability to add individuals and teams at any stage or phase of the project.
    3. 3. It includes archive ability for conserving knowledge in case a team member leaves prior to the completion of a project.
  • Feature Enhancements

    1. 1. The system includes project risk management so as to mitigate the risks and manage the legal and compliance-related issues
    2. 2. Gantt charts can be designed to represent the project progress at multiple stages.
    3. 3. The system includes contract and procurement management made easy.