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Skyward Techno HRMS

HRMS Software assists organizations to streamline their HR process and enhances the overall productivity.

Skyward Techno Techno has carved an envious position for itself in providing customized HRMS Solutions. Whether it is recruitment, employee database management, leave track recording, Payroll management, training or performance management, Skyward Techno HRMS is a one point solution for all. Every client is unique in terms of staff strength, operations & has different requirements, hence each HRMS Module is custom created with detailing of the exact requirements of client users.

Skyward Techno HRMS keeps a tab of current work force details, future manpower planning, links performance with incentives, details training needs and helps in scheduling events like interviews & meetings. Our HRMS system is compatible with other ERP, easy to install, affordable for even small sized organizations.

Salient Features of Skyward Techno HRMS

Human resources cannot be replicated and a great source of competitive advantage to any organization. Attracting and retaining the best employees has been the biggest challenge in the competitive environment. Skyward Techno HRMS allows seamless integration across various departmental level, intra-department and individual levels.

  • Recruitment

    Inputs about work force planning, annual & impromptu manpower requirements from various departments can be to HR department. For recruitment staff, the HRMS helps in managing database of resume, references, and integrates with job portals.

  • Training

    Training needs identified by are fed into HRMS and received by HR department which processes the information & arranges for skill based training. Training results can be monitored for effectiveness via competency maps generated using HRMS.

  • Performance Management

    Skyward Technos HRMS helps generate periodic performance reports for an employees. HRMS can be integrated with ERP & identify performance parameters for any employee. The information can be used for promotions, training & right-sizing.

  • Employee Engagement

    Providing flexible schedules, telecommuting, employee self services like printing pay slips, planning for tax savings & investments, scheduling travels, internal communication, recreation activities etc are easily manageable.

  • Leave Management

    Administering payroll activities, leave management, leave sanctions, attendance & regularity, integration with biometric systems is possible with Skywards HRMS. HRMS ensures payroll activity at month end is burden free.

  • ERP Integration

    Skywards HRMS can be easily integrated with existing ERP system as to create a streamlined system that connects marketing, production, finance, administration, distributor management, promotions, PR and activities.

  • Help Desk

    Online HRMS Help desk provides a contact point for employees to communicate with the management for issues and problems, supplies request etc. It has options of leaving a written message & set of requisition forms.

Why Skyward Techno HRMS

Choosing Skyward Techno HRMS is advantageous as it yields more working hours per day. The customized HRMS solution provided irons out the deficiencies of the system. See how our clients benefit from HRMS.

  • Customization

    Created on basis of inputs from clients, industry, culture of the organization and other parameters. Adaptable to accommodate as the organization grows.

  • Cost efficient

    Reduced paper work thus leading to more yield per working period. Reduced number of employees per task. Real time monitoring, leading to efficient system.

  • Systematic

    Data analytics for compliances like ISO, board meetings, review meetings etc. Easy data retrieving and report generation within minutes of input feed into the system.

  • Bias Free

    No picking of favourites. Managerial decision making becomes easy. Performance parameters are fed into the system and can be monitored for reviews in real time.