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Skyward Techno ERP Software

In this age of well-informed customers with greater expectations and lesser brand loyalty, Organizations are losing their competitive advantage. Hence it is imminent for them to leverage technology to reduce the costs, align their workflow processes & overcome their business problems. An ERP Software helps businesses meet up the above challenges and remove the obstacles in order to achieve greater sales and customer satisfaction.

ERP Systems help organizations streamline their purchases, finance, production process, material costing planning, labour planning etc. This can also be extended to warehouse management, sales, territory management and much more using a single platform.

At Skyward Techno, we provide Custom ERP Software for clients which suits variety of operations, requirements and staff strengths. We carry out exhaustive study and interactions with the client organization in order to make ERP Implementation hassle free, effective and pocket friendly for small businesses.

Key Modules of Skyward Techno ERP

Skyward Techno ERP allows seamless integration across various departmental level, intra-department and individual levels. ERP provides transparency, improved forecasting & visibility to take correct business decisions and helps organizations to achieve quality benchmarks.

  • Finance & Accounting

    Allows users to make account entries, create & share ledgers, TDS management, Foreign currency management, Bank reconciliation, tax accounting, budgeting, logistics accounts, cash flow management, generate P&L statements, balance sheets and over 50 reports. One can get real time financial status of the organization.

  • Store & Purchasing

    Helps check the stocks for each product, notifications about variations in stocks due to sales, purchases, transfers, in-transit goods etc. It helps generate real time reports about opening and closing stocks. Classification of stock on basis of production batch, date, packing among others is made easy using Skyward Techno ERP.

  • Sales

    Boost your sales by reaching out to customers on time, providing timely delivery, quality service & overall a beneficial purchase experience using ERP. Skyward Techno ERP maintains critical customer information, facilitates order entry, product distribution, billing, credit management, taxation, export documentation and much more.

  • Production Control

    Production activities like material planning, billing, production planning, costing, process definition, machine handling and maintenance, among others can be streamlined to achieve cost leadership using ERP. Critical processes like quality management & capacity utilization become easy owing to ERP Implementation. .

  • Material Management

    The module provides insights into key inventory performance indicators to optimize hands-on stock levels while maintaining reliable supplies for on-time deliveries. The module allows valuation of inventory using weighted average, LIFO, FIFO etc and helps manage optimum inventory while keeping the costs low..

  • Quality Management

    ERP allows standardizing procedures right from capturing orders and turning them to production schedules, tracking inventory, managing delivery, billing and likes. Tracing lot numbers, production status, delivery status, checking production statistics, managing vendors for quality, adhering to quality standards procedures like ISO, OHSAS etc is made trouble free using Skyward Techno ERP.

Why Should You Opt for Skyward Techno ERP

Skyward Techno ERP Modules are designed with a dedicated motive of delivering products or services that meet customers’ expectations. The customized ERP software provided irons out the deficiencies of the system. Read to know more about how to gain maximum using Skyward Techno ERP.

  • Customization

    1. 1. Customized Unlimited Reports
    2. 2. Custmised on both level - On Premises & On Cloud
    3. 3. Adheres to company goals & objectives like achieving efficiency.
    4. 4. Scalability, Flexibility & Mobile Ready
  • User Friendly

    1. 1. Easy to learn modules and exercises,
    2. 2. Video support & visual processes to see entire processes from end-to-end.
    3. 3. Adaptable & flexible to accommodate as the organization grows.
    4. 4. Integrated business intelligence to analyze performance & implement steps.
  • Pro-sales

    1. 1. Process & execute orders faster and monitor the system easily for removing obstacles.
    2. 2. Manage sales staff, territories, regions and other internal stake holders to govern the achievement of set targets.
    3. 3. Real time monitoring, leading to efficient system.
  • Systematic

    1. 1. Rapid and Flawless Execution of Updates
    2. 2. Easy data retrieving and report generation within minutes of input feed into the system.
    3. 3. Automatic email alerts, timely updates for personal management of users.